Home Insulation grants are now being offered as part of the government's  Energy Companies Obligation scheme. The grants can cover the entire cost of having insulation installed to current building regulations using the latest insulation materials and you don't need to be on benefits to qualify.

Many older properties that were originally built with loft room space or 'Room-in-Roof' were either not insulated at all or insulated using inadequate materials and techniques compared to current building regulations.

By employing the latest insulation materials and methods, insulating existing attic rooms means that you can still use the roof space for storage or additional room space if needed while still trapping heat in the property and rooms below.

+ Savings

Around 70% of all the heat is lost through uninsulated external walls, cellars and room in the roofs. You could save you up to £400 a year on your fuel bills by adequately insulating your home.

+ Room in roof and loft insulation

Typically an uninsulated roof space be it a room in roof or loft can contribute to around 25% of your homes heat loss.

If you have a room in roof we would insulate it by over boarding the original boards with Thermal laminate board and skim with plaster. The vertical stud wall, flat ceiling and loft will be insulated with earth wool to current regulations, this will be secured to the vertical stud wall using netting.

If you have a loft and no room in roof, we will lay 270mm of earth wool.

+ Cellar insulation

You can avoid around 15% of your homes heat loss by having your cellar insulated to the current regulation, this is achieved by insulating between your joists using earth wool which will be securely fixed using netting.

+ Internal wall insulation

Around 35% of your heat loss is through uninsulated external walls. If you have solid walls with no cavities we can offer you internal wall insulation.

This is achieved by fixing insulated plasterboards to all the external walls in your property and skimmed with plaster.

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